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Magnificent live oak near Driftwood, Texa
Magnificent Live Oak near Driftwood, TX

You Bought the Property Because of the Trees

We believe that the majestic Oak trees in Texas are a critical asset. Our company protects your trees from Oak Wilt by expertly applying scientifically proven methods developed by Texas A&M University's Oak Wilt Management Program.  These techniques (Macro Flare Root Injection of Alamo® fungicide and root trenching) are the only ones recommended by the Texas Forest Service.

For over 20 years we’ve helped our customers defeat Oak Wilt. We'll help you win your fight as well.

We Care About You and Your Trees

Education is an important part of the process. We work with you to carefully develop the strategy for your property and then explain how it’ll be implemented. Our experience covers the full spectrum of Oak Wilt issues on properties ranging from urban landscapes to hill country ranches. You’ll feel better working with us because we listen to you, thoughtfully answer your questions and care deeply about our work. 

The full suite of services we proved include: property inspections, consultation, Alamo® fungicide injections, suppression trenching, tree health evaluations and education. The professionals on our staff are committed to providing the best service possible. That's why we're dedicated to continuing education for each member of our team and our group leaders are certified arborists. We care about your trees almost as much as you do and have the experience and education necessary to do the job right.

As a result of our dedication, we've become the premier Oak Wilt services company in Texas. By a large margin, we treat more trees and install more suppression trenches than any other company.

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